Welcome to DOT-EKO

About us

DOT-EKO was established in 2008. At the early stage of development, the company specialised in consulting services, supporting and delivering environmental assessment work e.g. environmental permits, as well as in fund-raising as this appeared to be the important issue in the environmental sector since Poland joined the European Union (EU).

Gradually, the company expanded, offering R&D and consulting services in the field of wastewater technology and organic waste management to a larger variety of clients dealing with environmental challenges, which require INNOVATIVE APPROACH in order to meet improved quality standards.


Expertise in keywords: wastewater treatment, nitrogen removal, nutrient recovery, wastewater energy reduction and recovery, wastewater treatment monitoring, organic waste management, digestion process, biogas, renewable energy, sewage sludge management, circular economy.


Our main services are:

  • R&D and engineering,
  • applied scientific research,
  • market research and market business development assistance for Polish environmental sector,
  • preparation of documentation (applications) to obtain: waste collection permit, waste generation/processing permit, integrated permit, landfill closure permit, approval of manuals for landfill,
  • preparation of documentation to obtain Decision on Environmental Conditions of Approval of an Undertaking like: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report and project outline specification (Karta Informacyjna Przedsięwzięcia – KIP),
  • preparation of documentation necessary to obtain permit for emissions of pollutants into the environment,
  • support in ecological reviews,
  • specialized training courses (modern wastewater treatment technologies) for wastewater professionals (private and public sector),
  • support in writing EU project proposals and acquisition of EU funds.

Currently, DOT-EKO’s key clients are municipal and private water and wastewater treatment companies, private businesses in variety of industries and communities. DOT-EKO has also extensive cooperation with Universities and Research Institutes in entire Europe.

Cooperation and projects

Having gained extensive experience on the Polish market, DOT-EKO began performing analysis and research of the Polish environmental sector for foreign businesses and has become a representative of two highly successful companies:

  • Norwegian Aquateam COWI (since 2009), which deals with environmental solutions, consultancy and R&D engineering.
  • Spanish Liquen, which works on environmental impact assessment (EIA) and bird monitoring system DTBird.

Recent EU projects:

“Pomeranian Biogas Model” (POM-BIOGAS) http://www.pom-biogas.eu/ – as part of Aquateam COWI

“Integrated technology for improved energy balance and reduced greenhouse gas emissions at municipal wastewater treatment plants” (BARITECH) http://www.baritech.org.pl/ – as part of Aquateam

“Automatic Equipment for Waste Water Quality Monitoring” (WWQM) http://www.wwqm.eu/

“Small-scale Wastewater treatment system based on Innovative filter Materials” (SWIM) http://www.ecofiltration.se/en/projects/swim/



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